Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Prayer


There is a woman whom you created in your image some years ago. She is a daughter, a friend, a wife, sister, niece, aunt, a Gi-Gi and wearer of many other hats. She is Your daughter, but in my small world, she is my Mom. She was chosen by You to be this Mother. My sister and I never doubted the absolute fact that she is the best Mom in the entire world. Growing up and still to this day, she taught us that You come first. You are the foundation of all things in life.

I must admit to You that I doubted You when you took my Dan. I doubted you when evil tried to taint the love that Dan and I shared. I grew out of my doubt and have since apologized for ever questioning Your master plan. I told you, even standing at Dan's grave that I knew one day You would make it clear to me. One day.

Lord, I am subdued in doubt again. I am mad at You. Do you not see Your daughter? The woman who speaks Your love? The woman who shines Your light? The woman whose only prayer to you is that this sickness will bring others closer to YOU? Do you hear when she cries out in pain? Do you see her frail frame and bruised veins? Do you see the fatigue on her face? Can you see her Lord?

This woman lives for You!

Do you remember two nights ago when Your sick daughter was lying in the hospital bed? I asked her to eat some pretzels or a bite of a cracker, she couldn't. In her next breath, she said, "Honey, can you eat some?" "I know you must be hungry." "You usually eat around this time, Darlin', and I don't want you driving on an empty stomach." As I am staring at this beautiful (even when sick) woman saying these things to me, I remember the field trips she used to come on with me. If there were a student who didn't have a lunch, my mother always gave hers. She has been a mother to so many, not just Jaime and I. The thought whisked away as the nurse came in. She put her hand on her hip and said, "Your sweet mother would give away the cure if she had it."

No truer words have ever been spoken. She absolutely would. She would because she is the most selfless creature that You ever created.

Lord, she is a woman that deserves to stay on this Earth and touch other lives. I am pleading with you. Put your healing hands on my Mother, Your daughter. Save her life. I know this is far from a selfless request, but I NEED her. Please don't take her too.

Hold Your arms around my Dad who needs so much love right now, continue to make the bond between my sister and I the most cherished and valuable strength resource we have. Pull me out of this shadow of doubt so I can allow the power of prayer work magic, hear the prayers of others, and heal Your child. Save my Mother and heal her pain.

Forgive my outbursts and my angry tears,
Hear me now,